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Become a Hero 😽📝

Become a Hero 😽📝


😽 What is a Hero❓

A hero is one of the best followers of the entire milky way 🥛😻🌌 they are always willing to hit that like button and write a beautiful comments on my posts even if those post are not interesting❗️😯💕


📝 How to become a Hero ❓

I'll post anytime a random picture of anything (not of me) (it could be a emoji, a kitty, food, something completely random) and I'll use the hashtag #miekoiohero. You just need to like and reply that post and leave a comment with your favorite emojis. turn on my post notifications ❗️🔔🤪📱


🔍 Requirements to become a Hero

  • Follow me in instagram and twitter and engage in the conversation with me, leave me your favorite emojis, tell me anything, ask me anything. I love to talk with you and I do my best to reply all the comments 🍭🥰📱
  •  Have any profile picture. this is not good ‪‪✋🙄👉‬ 
  • Drink plenty of water every day.


❤️ Benefits of become a Hero

Heroes will enjoy very special benefits, as heroes are extremely important to me, I'm working in some things. All your ideas are very welcome, please dm🚀


😍 Where are the heroes?

The list of all my amazing, lovely, wonderful heroes is here 😍


🤨 I want to pay for become hero❗️

unfortunately that's not possible 😐 however, every 2 or 3 years, that's possible for few days in my Patreon. You can anytime become SUPERHERO 🍭🥰💕


🤩 Then I want to become SUPERHERO❗️

OMG! 💋🍭😻😽💕 click here 👈🍭🥳👏💋


Feel free to contact me if you have any question / feedbacks / suggestions 🍭😊💬 👩🏻📱 📩 🤓